What's your GRUP?
What's your GRUP?

GRUP is an all-in-one smart group messaging app focused on streamlining the planning, sharing and communication process with your social group.

Users are able to source information such as locations and events around them, seamlessly share within your GRUP Chat and easily make plans with your GRUP within the chat.

Find new spots
Location matters - trending spots, new places to go and overlooked things to do: all at your fingertips. Know what's hot in your city and easily share in your GRUP to make plans - don't miss out
Create your GRUP
Your GRUP is the heart of the app. Your GRUP is anything you want it to be: your friends, your family, your roommates...you name it! Your GRUP is made up of the people you know and want to know.
Own Your GRUP
Your GRUP is where you share your events, your locations, your laughs and your plans. Your GRUP is where you make your plans and where you share the stories afterward. This is where you easily share what's relevant to your and GRUP.
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